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Outdoor Therapy

An Outdoor Approach to Mental Health

About Outdoor Therapy

Welcome to outdoor therapy! Outdoor therapy is an umbrella term to describe therapeutic sessions that happen outside of the constraints of four walls. Outdoor therapy involves partnering with nature by combining outdoor activities and therapy sessions. Rather than meet online, or in an office, we meet at a park or hiking trail where we move, talk or engage in therapeutic activities. 

What services are offered in outdoor sessions?

Each session may be different depending on the need of the individual however, these sessions can include:

  • walk-and-talk

  • hiking

  • adventure/ experiential activities


Why have outdoor sessions?

Research shows that time in nature benefits our mental health by:

  • decreasing anxiety and stress

  • Increasing mood and self-esteem

  • decreasing anger response and cortisol levels

  • Increasing empowerment and positive self-talk

  • lowering risk of depression

  • connecting more to the natural world and experiencing awe 

In an Outdoor Therapy session, similar to traditional therapy, we often focus on therapeutic goals while we get the added benefits of time in nature and physical activity. Many individuals find that engaging in an activity while talking makes the therapy process more approachable. Outdoor sessions typically include evidence-based practices to aid in implementing coping skills for symptom reduction. 


These skills may include:

  • mindfulness and grounding skills

  • experiential/adventure activities

  • emotion regulation

  • observing plants and animals

  • expressive exercises

  • communication skills


Before we meet outdoors, our first appointment will consist of an intake via telehealth (online appointment) to ensure that this type of therapy is a good fit for you. In the first appointment, we will go over some of your history and background information, as well as, your comfort level in the outdoors, expectations you may have, what the sessions look like and have a conversation about the pros and cons to this type of therapy so that you can choose if this is the best approach for you after receiving all of the details. 


Who Does Outdoor therapy Help?

Outdoor Therapy can help adolescents, teens and adults who are struggling with challenges like those below:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Anger Issues

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Family Conflict

  • Social Isolation

  • And Many More…

Are you ready to start your outdoor therapy experience today?


 Please note: Outdoor Therapy will be offered in a group format in the near future. Check out the Group Page here if interested!

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